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Arming Field Service Technicians with the Tools Necessary for Your HVAC Business to Prosper in the 21st Century

Like it or not, the world is changing…rapidly. Notice that the yellow page “books” are now used as doorstops. People often call an Uber instead of a taxi. They shop on Amazon versus their local retail store, or use NetFlix instead of cable television.

With the entry of millennials into the service industry (46% of the US work by 2020), mobile devices and instant communications is what they know — and it will shape the future of your company and how you do business. Old school best practices must merge with today’s technology in order to keep pace with ever-changing technology innovation. That’s how the successful businesses of today are being run.

This means “just” having knowledgeable, well-trained people and good customer service isn’t enough. It means that real-time business management and communications software tools will also define the success or failure of your business. Arming your first line of defense, your HVAC field technicians, with the tools necessary for them to be productive and to increase customer satisfaction, is THE KEY for your business to survive, compete and prosper in the 21st century.

HVAC businesses and field service technicians today need software tools that…

  1. Compute Heat Load Calculations. It can be difficult and time-consuming to compute and optimize heat load calculations by accurately accounting for numerous factors such as quality raw materials, location constraints, number of users/occupants, technology for HVAC itself, quality insulation and many others factors.  HVAC software simplifies the complex task of the estimation of heat load and air conditioning.
  2. Management of Service Scheduling, Job Tracking and Customer Relationships. Streamlining your business processes increases the efficiency of your business. HVAC businesses need tools that can easily schedule maintenance and follow-ups, track field service job time, seamlessly schedule recurring and future jobs for timely follow-up and maintenance visits.
  3. Field Service Data.  Field service data is critical for your HVAC business to track, analyze and periodically adjust in order to increase your business profitability. This data can be used to optimize your field service assignments, field performance and pricing and hence directly affects the profits and brand promise.
  4. Automated flat rate pricing.  With growing competition and ever-changing customer requirements, HVAC business need real-time pricing systems that automatically provide flat rate prices based on labor cost, product costs (time and materials), travel time, competitive and historical product-pricing data, plus appropriate markups to optimize profitability.

Don’t risk having your HVAC business be left behind in this Digital Age, get on-board and grow your business with XactRate’s easy-to-use, state-of-the-art HVAC Business Management System.

XactRate’s All-in-One HVAC Business Management Software helps you to grow by simplifying service scheduling, invoicing, pricing, and inventory, product catalog management.

For more information on how you can use Xactrate HVAC Business Management Software to increase profits of HVAC Business, contact XactRate at 504-737-1957 or go to

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