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Ways in which Xactrate is different than other HVAC flat-rate systems in the market

If you are an HVAC, electrical or plumbing services company, you probably already know that variable pricing can be challenging and sub-optimal for your business. Variable pricing without the benefit of a flat-rate pricing system leads to inconsistent customer pricing, variability in labor-time, reduced profitability, and hinders establishing a relationship of trust between the customer and the service technician or your HVAC company.

While there are several flat-rate systems in the market, Xactrate’s flat-rate pricing / business management system is significantly different and more useful than others on the market.  Here’s why…

Online and offline access, call scheduling, inventory and cost tracking, increased pricing transparency, an overall better understanding of your business, a system that works well when you’re on the move, convenient low cost pricing, and many other profit-enhancing features are included with Xactrate’s flat-rate business management system. That’s why Xactrate is different and better than other flat-rate pricing systems on the market.

If you’re looking for a suitable flat-rate system for your HVAC business, keep these points in mind and select the flat-rate system that helps you maximize profitability, service performance and customer satisfaction of your business.

For more information on how you can make use of this flat-rate system for your HVAC business, contact XactRate at 504-737-1957 or at

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