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Why you need a flat-rate HVAC Business Management System

Installing a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is costly business. You need to ensure that the system is the right size and heats and cools the home optimally. For this, you need to have a way to effectively calculate the heat load in a home before installing an HVAC system.

It is important before installing an HVAC system to ensure that a heat load calculation is performed accurately.

There are several different ways that a heat load calculation can be performed. There are also numerous aspects to factor in for, if you are an HVAC contractor looking to install an HVAC system in a room or home, or even an entire building.

Beyond heat load calculation, HVAC contractors really need a flat rate business management system that covers all the features you need to cost effectively run your business.

Flat-rate pricing is a system wherein the variables involved in providing a particular HVAC product or service is pre-calculated, according to certain pre-established parameters and then charged to the customer in a flat-rate fashion. When presenting the total installation and service costs to the home or office owner, the HVAC contractor, if using a flat-rate system, shows only the total service call cost, and not parts and labor.

Xactrate’s unique cloud-based, flat-rate pricing software is now available to help HVAC contractors manage your business seamlessly, through your iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC.

This software encompasses every aspect of your business, with several features, including:

Xactrate offers three separate modules for HVAC contractors: Business Management, Heat Load Pro, and Heat Load Free. With transparent pricing, tailor-made products, and true independence, Xactrate’s cloud-based business management software is all set to simplify and streamline your HVAC business.

For more information on how you can procure this software for your HVAC business, contact Xactrate at

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