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Updated Product Catalogs

Updated Product Catalog’s

XactRate, provides you with catalogs of equipment, parts and supplies, set up in your Company Admin page. All catalogs models are kept current and up to date. XactRate’s catalog software is a fully integrated suite of tools, for selecting and configuring HVAC equipment.
  • XactRate has worked very closely with HVAC manufacturers, to understand and solve the problems they face in selecting the right product for different environmental conditions and different requirements.
  • XactRate has also worked with different HVAC manufacturers to design and develop their product equipment catalog software. This software helps you make decisions that revolve around your comfort. It not only helps you in making the right selection, but also does several calculations required for a thorough information about the product.
  • The product equipment catalog software from XactRate has several unique features, such as a highly intuitive user interface, the possibility of integration with the customer’s ERP system and CRM system, and software that can be deployed both in the cloud as well as on the local computer.
  • An effective catalog is one that is accurate, engaging and current. XactRate’s catalog software fulfils all of these conditions. With this software you will significantly decrease time-to-market output.
  • With product classification being a key aspect in product sales, XactRate’s updated product catalogs work in your favor in a way that is unique to your business needs and market segments.
  • If you’re struggling with either a very complex product range, or a large number of combinations of your product range, XactRate can help.
  • For more information on XactRate’s updated catalogs, do contact us at 504-737-1957 or click here.

Our Support team will give you a Free Demo on how Xacrate Updated Product Catalog’s
operates in the cloud technology.

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